Friday, May 25, 2012


Happy 4th Anniversary SHINee #4yearswithSHINee #Happy4thannivSHINee

Well, emang sih tau SHINee baru pas era Hello, taudeh masih newbie.__. Tapi yang dilihat bukan berapa lama kita mengenal mereka, atau seberapa banyak goodies yang kita punya tentang mereka, tapi bagaimana mengenal, mendukung, dan menghargai mereka hingga akhir. Tapi... nothing last forever, rite? Enggak ada yang tau entar gimana. Tapi yang pasti, dulu dan sekarang, dan semoga nanti juga, aku masih mengagumi mereka :)
Jadi keinget pas ngubek fyeahjinki, ketemu kata-kata begini, "You are a fan, and you should support people you idolize by buying their cd’s/merch/going to a show/run a blog where you fangirl about them, but the second you follow them when they are off the stage and the cameras are off, you become a stalker.  Their job is to entertain you when cameras are pointed at them, not to please you when you’re up their face when they are trying to have fun." Ada hubungannya ga sama annivnya SHINee? Enggak yah kayaknya? .__.

Ah, omonganku random bet._. Makin meracau

I think the most frequent question fans from any fandom hear, is; “why would you spend so much time on people that don’t even know you exist?”. Well, as for me, the answer is simple. Sometimes, we just need something to get us through the day. We all feel like we’re having a rough time at some point of our lives, and we all need something that makes us smile so we can shake it off. And that’s what SHINee is for me, the relief at the end of the day.

So, thank you SHINee for another amazing year, another year of music, laughter, progress and positivity. And the best is yet to come. Even if one day I’ll move on, I surely won’t have any regrets, and take every minute with me. Thank you.

tumblr (somany source._.) and taken by me

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